Bot Blast 2017 Event Report

This is the event report for the 2017 Bot Blast event. Alright, here are how the bots did. Captain Doom: 2-2. Captain Doom finished 4th place in this event. Fight 1: Captain Doom vs Silent Spring. I was fairly confident about this one but he had a vertical spinner attachment which he used to win. 3 2 1 fight! I was trying to get to the side but I got bored and attacked the front. This was my undoing as he launched me 5 feet into the air and I landed. I tried to move but I could not move. He tried to revive me but it didn’t work. Tap out victory for Silent Spring! Fight 2: Captain Doom vs Mondo Bizarro I went in the arena but I tightened the on screw to tight and it stripped the screw! After receiving replacements I went into the ring and fought. I got around to the side and pushed for most of the fight but with 5 second left he ripped my wedge off but with 3 seconds left I used my wedge mounts to fork him. Win for Captain Doom! Captain Doom vs Mr Kilijoy He was not in shape so I shoved him around for the whole fight. Win for Captain Doom. Captain Doom vs Thunder Child This one mainly consisted of him shoving me around, and I lost. Beetle Rumble. I shoved around Thunder Child for most of it. And I shoved Sentry into Mondo Bizarro and the wall. I also got a shot at Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. The winner of the Rumble was Purple Nation Army because of aggression points. Commander Doom II Fight 1 CDRD2 (Commander Doom II) vs Thor. I box rushed him and my weapon motor broke. I controlled the match Then at the end I broke his blade right off! Split Decision for… Commander Doom II! Second Match Commander Doom 2 vs 1 lb Rock  This match had me getting stabbed by his spikes a lot. At the end I was like ‘Phew! At least my weapon motor didn’t explode, seconds before it really did burst into smoke. Loss for Commander Doom 2. Because I had no spare weapon motors I had to fight my next opponent, Camber Life with no weapon. Camber Life vs Commander Doom 2. It was even until I got flipped. Commander Doom 2 was eliminated! I went home with the Sportsmanship Award! I am looking forward to my next event!


Robogames Caliornia

This event is amazing! I met so many Battle Bot Teams! Bite Force’s team charged my drill, and I borrowed Tomb Stone’s team’s hammer to straighten out my wedge. I sat with Plan X’s team to watch the heavy weights, and I fought a fairy weight fun fight with Rex’s driver. It’s a great opportunity to meet all of the Battle Bot people you see on TV. Everyone is so helpful and nice! I also saw a lot of my East Coast robot battling friends at this event, so people do make the trip across the country to fight at this event.

Spring Fling 2017 Penn Bots

This is a fast-paced event with huge holes at each side of the arena. The event is held at a middle school by one of the chemistry teachers and is so much fun to attend. Most of your robot fighting strategy is pushing the other robot into the holes. The rumble is especially fun because the holes are filled up with a pile of bots.
Captain Doom won first place again at this event. I had the best time with the contestants and the hosts.

The Rise Of Lieutenant Doom


New bot which is our first spinner [we have a viper kit spinner coming] It is registered for Motorama 2017. It is a Saifu kit! And it is named Lieutenant Doom. Go to if you want it. Everybody better prepare! [except Slim Pickens because it has a drum killer wedge]  And our next post is going to be what bots are hard and the ones that I think I can beat.

PennBots Event Report– Continued

Beetleweight Rumble- I jammed Wiz Bang at the start and did ‘tornado drive’ [spinning in circles while moving] and tore off Goat’s vertical blade.  I landed upside down after getting hit. I teamed up with Deadpan at the beginning of the fight.  First I pinned Goat and then Deadpan hit it’s motor. Next I pushed Got Your Six into the hole and Deadpan pushed itself and Goat into the hole. I won first place in Beetleweight and then first in the Beetle rumble also.

Antweight Rumble: I put myself into a pile of bots and bounced over them until they died or fell in the hole.   I got torn up by Justice at the end because I was damaged from fighting 11 other ants, so I tapped out as the second bot left because I could not move.

Pennbots Fall Brawl 2016 – Event Report

This my first post on Team Doom blog so here are the bots that I competed against in the 2016 fall brawl in Boiling Springs, PA.

Captain doom: 4-1

Captain Doom is a D2 beetleweight modified with a double aluminum wedge

My first beetle battle was against Wiz bang.  I pushed it around until it ended up in the hole but it left marks on the double wedge

2nd was Deadpan. It swung it’s powerful hammer.  Luckily there was no contact with the top of my bot.  I pushed it into the hole

Next was Deadpan again in the finals. I drove into the hole 2 seconds into the match.  I went into the loser’s bracket and faced him again. But this time I had close calls until deadpan got stuck against the wall and I rushed over and pushed my wedge under him until he was on top of me.   I drove him into the hole for the championship.

Commander Doom:1-3

Commander Doom is a modified  Fingertech Viper lifter kit

First was Justice. I went into the hole.

Second I faced Behemoth, but the same thing happened.

Third was a exhibition match against a bar spinner that I don’t know the name of. I box-rushed the bar and pushed it into the hole. But Commander Doom didn’t come off unscathed either. A chunk of the wheelguard came off

I will report more tomorrow.