Bot Blast 2017 Event Report

This is the event report for the 2017 Bot Blast event. Alright, here are how the bots did. Captain Doom: 2-2. Captain Doom finished 4th place in this event. Fight 1: Captain Doom vs Silent Spring. I was fairly confident about this one but he had a vertical spinner attachment which he used to win. 3 2 1 fight! I was trying to get to the side but I got bored and attacked the front. This was my undoing as he launched me 5 feet into the air and I landed. I tried to move but I could not move. He tried to revive me but it didn’t work. Tap out victory for Silent Spring! Fight 2: Captain Doom vs Mondo Bizarro I went in the arena but I tightened the on screw to tight and it stripped the screw! After receiving replacements I went into the ring and fought. I got around to the side and pushed for most of the fight but with 5 second left he ripped my wedge off but with 3 seconds left I used my wedge mounts to fork him. Win for Captain Doom! Captain Doom vs Mr Kilijoy He was not in shape so I shoved him around for the whole fight. Win for Captain Doom. Captain Doom vs Thunder Child This one mainly consisted of him shoving me around, and I lost. Beetle Rumble. I shoved around Thunder Child for most of it. And I shoved Sentry into Mondo Bizarro and the wall. I also got a shot at Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. The winner of the Rumble was Purple Nation Army because of aggression points. Commander Doom II Fight 1 CDRD2 (Commander Doom II) vs Thor. I box rushed him and my weapon motor broke. I controlled the match Then at the end I broke his blade right off! Split Decision for… Commander Doom II! Second Match Commander Doom 2 vs 1 lb Rock ┬áThis match had me getting stabbed by his spikes a lot. At the end I was like ‘Phew! At least my weapon motor didn’t explode, seconds before it really did burst into smoke. Loss for Commander Doom 2. Because I had no spare weapon motors I had to fight my next opponent, Camber Life with no weapon. Camber Life vs Commander Doom 2. It was even until I got flipped. Commander Doom 2 was eliminated! I went home with the Sportsmanship Award! I am looking forward to my next event!


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