Pennbots Fall Brawl 2016 – Event Report

This my first post on Team Doom blog so here are the bots that I competed against in the 2016 fall brawl in Boiling Springs, PA.

Captain doom: 4-1

Captain Doom is a D2 beetleweight modified with a double aluminum wedge

My first beetle battle was against Wiz bang.  I pushed it around until it ended up in the hole but it left marks on the double wedge

2nd was Deadpan. It swung it’s powerful hammer.  Luckily there was no contact with the top of my bot.  I pushed it into the hole

Next was Deadpan again in the finals. I drove into the hole 2 seconds into the match.  I went into the loser’s bracket and faced him again. But this time I had close calls until deadpan got stuck against the wall and I rushed over and pushed my wedge under him until he was on top of me.   I drove him into the hole for the championship.

Commander Doom:1-3

Commander Doom is a modified  Fingertech Viper lifter kit

First was Justice. I went into the hole.

Second I faced Behemoth, but the same thing happened.

Third was a exhibition match against a bar spinner that I don’t know the name of. I box-rushed the bar and pushed it into the hole. But Commander Doom didn’t come off unscathed either. A chunk of the wheelguard came off

I will report more tomorrow.


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