PennBots Event Report– Continued

Beetleweight Rumble- I jammed Wiz Bang at the start and did ‘tornado drive’ [spinning in circles while moving] and tore off Goat’s vertical blade.  I landed upside down after getting hit. I teamed up with Deadpan at the beginning of the fight.  First I pinned Goat and then Deadpan hit it’s motor. Next I pushed Got Your Six into the hole and Deadpan pushed itself and Goat into the hole. I won first place in Beetleweight and then first in the Beetle rumble also.

Antweight Rumble: I put myself into a pile of bots and bounced over them until they died or fell in the hole.   I got torn up by Justice at the end because I was damaged from fighting 11 other ants, so I tapped out as the second bot left because I could not move.

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